biopicBrandon’s work is genuine and handmade with a blazing passion and cunning. Above all he is a style leader who is setting new trends, and motivating others to do what they dream of doing. Using his acquired skills and natural talent, he specializes in custom work where he works one-on-one with clients so that they receive exactly what they want. Brandon works as a personal jeweler doing everything from regular bench work, wax carvings, stone-setting, mold-making, fabricating, milling, hand-polishing, to even (CAD) computer automated design.

From start to finish, his pieces take 3-10 weeks. Every piece is individually-made and every piece is unique. Therefore, depending on the stones and their sizes, the weight of the metal, and the amount of labor that goes into the creation of the piece, the price for his work varies. Custom-designed jewelry will allow you to tailor every detail into a finished piece that is like no other. While this may sound expensive, it can be surprisingly affordable. He is an artisan as well as an entrepreneur – a true artist, not simply a bench jeweler. Young and talented, whether he makes jewelry, apparel, or accessories, Brandon David Brown is a name to look out for.