Simple Custom Armor Ring

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I have mastered all forms of armor smithing and have brought back finger armor as many before me have tried to in the fashion industry. It is not easy or cost effective for most business but I am able to make all sorts custom armor as well as battle ready armor. I like to combine many different techniques in my work and as each piece has its own unique science to its construction. Custom armor is very special to buy and all one of a kind! All my armor is made in solid silver which is a strong metal and can be plated gold although not recommended *Gold is a soft metal so it may wear down over the years but can easily be replated* If you’d like in solid gold or with stones that is a complex Armor ring which you can order here and get a quote.  My simple custom armor ring is priced for serious customers at around $1,300 each but for the holidays im selling at $850 until fashion week 2021 and and I’ve made it easy to order by filling out the form bellow. If your interested in even more complex custom armor please order on the custom design page or by the link in this description.

For the Simple Custom Armor Ring fill out the form below; hit submit, don’t forget to add to cart and pay for the order to be processed.

Simple Design’s, Symbols, Logo's and single Letters only. All other more complicated designs are considered complex custom and have a different range of prices. For unique more complex Armor or with stones please fill out the form on the Custom Design page.
For style of (font, logo or other), please fill out a description along with your email information bellow.
Images or fonts may require follow up emails. Please allow up to 3 days for processing orders, thank you!
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