Custom Jewelry

Custom Jewelry

Custom Design

If you are interested in working with me please fill out the bellow contact with your “Subject” in the title box.

Please be sure to state intentions of said Product or Concept before production. The services offered include but are not limited to;

Designing, 3D Wax Model-making, CAD, Molds, Casting, Mass Production, line development, Wholesale/retail Sales, Professional Photography, Licensing and Distribution.

I only use the designs or elements of design that are uniquely of my own creation.

Note that: I do not copy or condone the copy of other designer’s work! From a legal standpoint it is prohibited. Photography is COD. Once we agree on a design there is a 50% deposit required, CBD for castings, waxes and molds. Custom pieces usually takes about 2-12 weeks.

Thank you for your interest in Custom Jewelry Design, Line Production and Manufacturing Services by Brandon D. Brown.

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