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My work is made with a blazing passion and ruthless cunning. I manipulate different metals, chemicals, elements, and gems to work together, melding into each other to reveal one singular form of art. Above all, I have found myself to be a leader in style. I have set many trends all while deeply caring for my clients’ needs.

My career started while working for my family in the music and jewelry industries. My family designed for, signed, and recorded many legendary artists and icons of the 1960s – 1970s through Roulette Records, which greatly influenced my tastes and ambitions as a designer. Being raised around these industries I have been able to meet and learn from so many fabulous souls, acquiring many lifetimes of knowledge. Few would ever have the opportunity to learn or experience firsthand as I have, which you can read all about it in my upcoming biography, or about my family in Tommy James’ book Me, The Mob, and The Music. I have come into my niche by merging these two worlds of music and metalsmithing.

Today some of my clients most notably include legendary singers, actors, and artists such as Whoopi Goldberg, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Wesley Snipes, Natalie Cole (RIP), Kevin Bacon, Cynthia Nixon, Joey Badass, SZA, Amanda Lepore, and many more. I spent my early adolescent and teenage years working in New York City’s prestigious Diamond and Garment Districts. At first, I was focused on a music career (as one does in my family). However, that quickly changed when I met my mentors master silversmith Gennady Osmerkin and Sonia Cabrera. I became apprenticed to both at 14, while waiting tables and recording music gigs just to afford the tools (while also navigating high school). With a push from my mentor Sonia, I later attended FIT (The Fashion Institute of Technology), and never left.

I have since created lines of clothing, accessories and jewelry for major companies/organizations such as Macy’s, The Folk Art Museum, Anne Koplik Designs, Rosenthal Jeweler Supply, Metalliferous, The Big-UP Festival, Cape May Diamond, Larry Paul Casting, Karin Grasso Jewelry, and many other private brands. I have studied the art of the jewelry business for well over 15 years. Aside from jewelry, I have also been trained in music composition and production through working in the industry. In addition I studied music law at NYU and business law at FIT. I strive to further blur the lines between music, jewelry, and apparel. My knowledge is readily available to you.

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Why Work With Us ?

With natural talent and honed skills, BDB specializes in custom wearable art via various techniques from Mokume Gane to Reticulating Silver. Custom work takes thoughtful planning to ensure customers receive exactly what they want. Brandon works one-on-one with his clients through all levels of manufacturing.

Every single piece is made-to-order. From start to finish, orders take no less than two to twelve weeks depending on how intricate the piece is. Therefore, depending on the stones, their sizes, the weight of the metal, and the amount of labor needed to create the piece, the price for may vary. Custom-designed jewelry allows you to tailor every detail into a finished piece that is truly like no other.


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Client's Testimonials

"I cannot say enough kind words about Brandon!! He is so knowledgeable and was so helpful in the process of creating my ring. Brandon is so easy to work with and he made the process so easy. I enjoyed working with him and will continue to work with Brandon David Brown Jewelry in the future!

Melvin Colon

Happy Client

"Maecenas eu accumsan libero. Fusce id imperdiet felis. Cras sed ex vel turpis ultricies blandit nec et massa. Pellentesque lectus turpis, vestibulum eu interdum vel.

Lura Frazier

Happy Client

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